Southeast Motor Co., Inc.
We have been a used car salescenter, specializing in trucks for many
years.  We now are specializing in motorcycles, both pre-owned Harley
Davidsons and a NEW Line of Automatic Motorcycles.  We still have crew
cabs, ext. cabs, 4 wheel drive and up to one ton trucks.  We also have many
low mileage SUV's and cars to choose from.  We purchase the best
vehicles (Both vehicle and motorcycles) we can find, in order for you to
have the best selection.  We have our in-house vehicle and motorcycle
mechanics check out all newly arrived vehicles and complete all needed
repairs.  We try to have all vehicles in the best possible condition.  
807 SE Military Drive
San Antonio, TX   78214
210-573-3749 Fax 210-924-0360
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CF Moto

brand new
vehicle has
a two (2)
miles, parts
and labor.
CF Moto V-5

The CF Moto Motorcycle!!!!  This motorcycle has an
automatic transmission, extra large hydraulic brake,
disc, anti-theft USB Port, crystal clear hi/lo beam
headlights, parking brake, illuminated instrument panel,
concealed hi fi speakers on both sides, rear foot pedal,
rear bracket with backrest, 17L fuel tank, side stand with
kill switch, adjustable brake lever, and a super smooth
ride.  It also has a
two (2) year warranty, unlimited miles,
parts and labor.  Go to Page Two (2) for Pictures.
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of other vehicles for sale!!

The Ultimate 3 Wheel Vehicle, Tri-Fun.  STREET LEGAL.  They are 4 cylinder
GM Wuling engine,1/4 Ton EXT Drivetrain,  Delphi electronic fuel injection, 5
speed overdrive Wuling GM transmission, rack and pinion steering, solid
state electronic ignition, coil springs, dipped full frame in rust proofing, 6.6
gallon fuel tank, heavy duty steel wheel in front, radial tires with full size
spare.  Seating for two people with extended cab, am/fm/cd stereo with MP3
input, heater, AC, turn signals, windshield wipers, defrost.  The bed has fold
down sides and are removable, with tilt bed.  They get 42+ MPG and will go
70 MPH.  Call Tom at 573-3749 for an appointment to see them.
SOLD Out    
Brand New, Automatic, Just Twist
and Go